Hi, I’m Rob Howard. I’m a stock footage producer, videographer, photographer and the owner of Orbit Creative. I have 35+ years experience creating content for clients. My goal is always to produce work that makes an emotional connection with the viewer.

If you’re looking for footage or you need help getting custom video, b-roll or photographs shot, you can contact me here anytime.

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my story in images below.

Rob Howard owner of Orbit Creative shooting stock footage with a Panasonic GH5 in the woods of Haliburton Ontario Canada

Canadian stock footage producer in his natural environment wearing autumn coat.

my story in images


My love affair with the moving image started as an actor. At age 15, I was picked from obscurity to play the part of the son of Joshua Shapiro, played by James Woods, in the 1985 film Joshua, Then and Now. Although it was a big start, acting didn’t pan out. I’m actually more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it.

Here I am at age 15 (at right, with hair) acting with James Woods (center) and Gordon Woolvett (left).

35 mm film strip with frames from 1985 film, Joshua, Then and Now showing Gordon Woolvett, James Woods and Robert Howard

video game promotion

In my early 20’s my best friend from university and I were hired to promote the Pioneer LaserDisc system in shopping malls across Canada. We also promoted Panasonic’s shortlived 3DO game system and Nintendo’s PlayStation.

One part road-trip, one part event management, driving a 24ft truck across the US and Canada and exhibiting in different cities was an awesome experience.

Red super Nintendo entertainment system logo
Male in blue plaid shirt posing with white Ryder truck and line of 18 wheelers in the background
Two male field managers and two female staff working on the 1994 Panasonic Real World Mall Tour for the 3DO multiplayer
Purple business card for Field Manager Robert Howard from the 1994 Panasonic Real World Mall Tour for the 3DO multiplayer
Black and white sticker with logo for the Panasonic 3DO multiplayer showing a red diamond, blue rectangle and yellow ball


I’ve always loved photography. I started shooting on 35mm film with a Nikon FE and now shoot on Canon and Panasonic cameras.

Scroll down to see some of my favourite shots...

corporate film & documentary

I’ve also dabbled in making corporate marketing videos and short-form documentary film. I’ve created work for clients that include Cinchy, Hailo, Living Libations and Saitech.

Here’s one of my documentary shorts made for my good friend Jamie Thompson and his Urban Flute Project.

Jamie Thompson of the Urban Flute project holds flute underneath bridge with graffiti in the background

Photo Credit: Sigi Bloomberg

stock footage

In the early 2000s I bought a Sony DV Handycam.

Silver and black DV Digital Handycam model DCR-TRV33E made by Sony

My first video camera - the venerable Sony DCR-TRV33E

After shooting some home movies for friends I discovered a market for stock footage. My first sale was of ‘casino lights’ from a trip to Reno, Nevada. You can see it right here.

Orbit Creative video still of casino lights filmed in Reno, Nevada with Pond 5 watermark

After that first sale i was hooked. I’ve since gone on to sell over 20,000 stock footage clips, some of which have made their way into indie films, tv shows and even an ad for a polish disco. Disappontingly one of my clips was stolen by Jair Bolsonaro’s campaign team in the lead-up to his election in Brazil in 2018.

I’ve really enjoyed my stock footage adventures and capturing the beauty of the world. Some favourite shoot locations have included: hiking in the Pyrenees, driving across Canada and filming in the Basque region of Spain. Check out my work here and contact me here.

Orbit Creative video still of CN tower with sunlight reflection and apartments under construction with blue sky
Orbit Creative video still of closeup of beautiful Mot Mot bird with red eye, blue and black head, green and brown feathers
Orbit Creative video still of overhead view of silver car driving past parked cars on wet and rainy street
Video still of overhead view of woman with floppy sun hat and tanned arms reading a book by the side of a swimming pool
Video still of truck with headlights approaching the camera with telephone poles in silhouette and orange dawn sky